-       FOB 4 Alternators - MID February 2017

-       FOB 5 Equipment (details to follow), end of February/ beginning of March

-       FOB 6 Control system, beginning of March (from India)

-       FOB 7 Equipment (details to follow), end of March/ beg. April 2017

-       FOB 8 Radiators, end of March (13 container)


Shipment of the alternators (incl. AVR and spare parts) :

ETS Helsinki: 19./20. February 2017
Estimated shipping time: 55-60 days

  • MAN Shipment schedule

  • FOB



    FOB 4 (Helsinki to Mongla)


    Automatic voltage regulator (AVR)

    Ets: 20. February    ETA : pending

    FOB 5 (Europ. north sea port to Chittagong)

    Intake air ducting

    Exhaust gas ducting

    LT cooling water temp. control valve

    HT cooling water temp. regulating valve

    Charge air temp. control valve (CHATCO)

    Exhaust gas ducting

    Control air dryer

    Compressed air filter

    Lube oil supply pump

    Lube oil transfer pump

    Intake air ducting

    Intake air ducts

    Exhaust gas ducts inside powerhouse

    Control air receiver

    Control air buffer receiver

    Control air compressor

    Exhaust gas ducting

    Exhaust gas ducting

    Starting air receiver

    Starting air compressor module (e-motor)

    Pressure reducing station 30/10 bar

    Preheater set for HT cooling water

    Nozzle cooling water module

    Cooling water collecting tank

    HT cooling-down / preheating pump

    Expansion tanks for HT/LT cooling water

    Start-up air blower

    Intake air filter unit

    Pressure reducing station 10/7 bar

    Grouting material/rigid altern.seating

    Intake air ducting

    Expansion joint downstream of each TC

    Exhaust gas ducts inside powerhouse

    Intake air ducting

    Exhaust gas ducting

    Insulation material exhaust gas ducts

    Flex. pipe connections/engine (complete)

    Flex. pipe connections/engine (complete)

    Rubber expansion joint for intake air


    FOB 6 (Indian Sea port to Chittagong)

    Genset Interface Panel (ECP/GIP)

    Genset control panel (GCP)

    Common control panel (CCP)

    Supervision Control and Data Acquisition

    HV Interface Panel (HVIP) to CCP

    Ets: 6. March    Eta: pending

    FOB 7 (Europ. north sea port to Chittagong)

    Exhaust gas silencer

    Flex. coupling engine-alternator/gearbox

    Heavy fuel oil supply pump module

    Diesel oil supply pump module

    Heavy fuel oil filter module

    Diesel oil filter module

    Replenishing pump module

    Leakage oil module

    Oil mist eliminator

    Ets: 31. March

    Eta: pending

    FOB 8 (Europ. north sea port to Chittagong)

    HT- / LT-radiator coolers

    Ets: 20.March

    Eta: pending